Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Epic Exchange

Hey guys BLC again.
I was thinking instead of those, i can exchange this for a coin code. this is a PERFECT exchange.
I will grant you access to the secret EPF agent room in the agent’s HQ if you give ME a coin code. that is a PERFECT trade. being the game is 7$ and the plush is 5$.
this was the last of the games where i live, so i was lucky, and there are no plush left. so this is great for you and me.
please send the code to mkydem@aol.com
UNUSED otherwise it wont work.
and in order for the EPF acess i have to verify ur pass. i promise you with all of my heart i will not use your penguin for anything but to grant you the room. you are free to change ur password after i add you to the list.
so plz
send away (mkydem@aol.com)
~Bo Lil Cenas~


4 Responses to “Epic Exchange”

  1. 7$? f***!!!!!! MINE WAS $27.99

  2. Oh, my bad thats a typo lmao. it was 27

  3. but 27 to 5 isnt that gr8 of a trade

  4. it is if ur in brooklyn 😛
    you have to be lucky to even see a coin code around here. people cut the string and steal the coins off the plushes

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