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New Mission Sneak Peek!

I found this on the CP blog and took a pic of it too show it to you guys. What Mimo777 thinks is that Herbert picks up what he thinks is an Orange but it’s really an Orange puffle. And that G is trying to get the puffle out of Herbert’s body. But the Jet Pack guy thinks G is nuts. Which is totally different from what I think is happening! What I think is happening is that the Jet Pack guy was flying over the CP woods near the Tallest Mountain and saw an Orange Puffle. He was gonna fly down to get it and Herbert dove for it and took it and ran off into the tree’s to hide decided to teach it to be evil and bad. And that’s all I have to say. Here’s the pic!


8) Stay Cool 8)

~Macaroni Jim~


One Response to “New Mission Sneak Peek!”

  1. great guesses macaroni but i, mudslide1 believe that herbert finds an orange puffle, and knows that we penguins LOVE puffles. So, he takes it so like what you said to teach it evil so it can controll the other puffles too. bye!

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