Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Coin Code…

Well, i went to toys r us… and like always they were sold out of the toys so i cant get the red hoodie. Unless some1 would be generous enough to give me an unused code here is what i would give in return

(all of these)
~Be ur buddy on cp FOREVER
~advertise for you in all of my youtube videos
~Advertise ur site EVERYWHERE
~Tell everyone i know about you
~Give you a coin code in return when i get one
~subscribe to you (if you have a youtube account)
and pretty much anything else u want that i can do, (adding as an admin is out of the picture)


One Response to “Coin Code…”

  1. OH and if you are going to give one, e mail it to
    if you comment it someone else will use it.

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