Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

coin code

ok this is r2dp.

like BLC, I also would like to persuade you to give ME a coin code (the code you get after buying a cp toy).

If you do (which I doubt anyone will) send it to r2dpenguin66@gmail.com

if you do you will get these:

1. you will be a moderater on bribble

2.you will be added (as an author) to my site

3.you will secretly meet me and be my buddy

4.Your site will be posted here. (if you have one)

5. take a ride with 50 bots following you

The following edit by macajim was made because I thought he was the one who wrote the other coin code thing

Macajim:I don’t want a stupid coin code! that was BLC.


3 Responses to “coin code”

  1. well usually blc says -blc or something.
    sheesh you dont have to flip out

  2. Dude, that’s never really going too happen. No one would’ give there code away. ever for those pizes. I mean, What if they din’t make good/any posts? So you wanted to kick them off the blog? Or on bribble, thay used the mod kicking/banning powers to much for no reason? It’s not all fair.
    ~Zee Three

  3. Hes right i did write it.

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