Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


R2dp here

 I beat the game on the way to my grandparent’s house already lolz

here are some of the features of the game

-play 13 missions or you can choose MINI GAMES! here are all the mini games

Snowboarding-Drag the stylus in the direction it draws on your screen when you come out the air

Cart surfer-ADVANCED! play either normal mode (exactly like the cp one) OR as i like to play, EXTREME mode. where it has extra obstacles and crap and its really fun

Ice Fishing-ADVANCED! you can catch small fish, normal fish, and big fish! to catch a big fish that gets you a lot of points use the small fish as bait for the big fishies and at the end, you will start catching SQUID. and depending how many points you have at the end you can catch either the TREASURE CHEST- use the squid as bait or the mullet- use medium fish bait

Jet pack-Same as normal jet pack in cp except you get coins a lot faster and its only got 1 level.

Dance off- a memory game. example: Computer: up arrow down arrow southwest arrow You: memorize that them do the same

SNOWTREKKER- This game is fun, you follow the line of coins and switch into different forms of snow cat (Normal/water/shovel) until you get to the finish.

AND every week or so you can download a new mission and it comes with a code so you can get into the SECRET CLOSET OF ELITE PENGUIN FORCE! which is a secret room

The story of the missions is stupid though, G makes some robots and they start like tearing down cp, then you stop them, and its kind of fun because you need to use your head and figure out what to do.

You also get the help of the ELITE PUFFLES! who each have their own talent

Blue- throws snowball

Red- cannonballs at objects to break them

Pink- lassos things so they stop moving

green- flys with propeller cap to grab things

Purple- blows bubble around things

Yellow- Sends sound wave of music at objects to shatter them.

Black- welds stuff

4 Responses to “EPF”

  1. Ur so lucky lol
    my dad keeps on putting it of, and if i ask him again he isnt getting it D:
    IM SO CONFUSED. I think i might pull the puppy face again 😛

  2. yea that always works

  3. i got it but i wonder how to get an EPF badge on cp computer?

  4. random whats with the ninjas saying thanks 4 commenting

    ps. one ninja is split in half lol

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