Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

New Header!

Macajim here,

Ok I just finished a new header! And I think its pretty cool! Heres the pic!mjsnewheader

and heres a pixel puffle I made. (actaully 2)


and the second (it’s a Ninja Puffle)


Well I guess thats it so…. See Ya Round!

8) Stay Cool 8)


3 Responses to “New Header!”

  1. Dude U should put a fat cow on there to make Sensei look more realistic. And also my CP name is Hola Cow. (Could you tell?). Oh, my name is that because I like Fat Cow’s. And i’m also a Beta Tester,and I don’t want my acount anymore.
    Name: Hola Cow
    Hope U enjoy banning/playing with my penguin!

  2. wow dude ur banned

  3. halocow ur banned for the next 21 hours soooooooooooooo never give out your password

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