Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Elite Penguin Force

i got the DS game today! It’s really fun! And you can even upload coins on to your acount with a Wi-Fi connection! I’m gonna see if you upload items too because they have the Pink Toque & the Old Poncho. Well…here’s a pic of the room!(Don’t forget to check out the new Pixel Penguin page.)

EDIT BY R2DP: I ordered it on amazon.com and its coming tomorrow (Nov. 26)



5 Responses to “Elite Penguin Force”

  1. lucky :p
    I’m completely broke so i cant buy it with my own money :\
    my parents refuse to buy anything for me dumb with their $

  2. ditto blc

  3. they should make a clb penguin game for the PS2

  4. Wait, is that a seceret room on cp?

  5. duh
    the dojo
    black belts
    ninjas hideout
    make sense

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