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Christmas Igloo Catalog Secrets, New Play At The Stage, And New Pin!

Hey guys! Its Me, Bo Lil Cenas.
Today we were bombarded by updates! A quick reminder before I get started! Today is our first NCCP meeting at 2:30 PM PST hope you can make it!

First off is the new pin. It’s a snow tile from the new game Card-Jitsu.

Next up is the new, and old holiday decor! Here are the catalog secrets.

Click the ribbon to get the droopy tree The one last year that was on the iceberg!

Next Click the guitar stand to get the Music Stand

And lastly Click the Control Terminal to get the Welcome Mat


And to top it all off we have the new play at the stage!

Check out Prince Red hood! Pretty cool. They brought back the red cape too.

Oh and check out what i did to my igloo! Already started decorating!

That’s all for now! Remember to go to the NCCP meeting!

~~~~~Lyf Sucks Then U Die But Im Italian I Keep It Flyy~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bo Lil Cenas~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

3 Responses to “Christmas Igloo Catalog Secrets, New Play At The Stage, And New Pin!”

  1. Hey, R2DP….what belt did you get me on?

  2. Hey, nice post!

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