Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

OMG i won!!!!!

Hi guys! many of u remember october third when cp had a contest and a lucky 1000 people would win a free limited edition viking penguin. I WON!!! IT JUST CAME 20 MINUTES AGO! (as of 4:48 PM eastern time nov-19-2008) check it out! It even came with a free item redeem code!

and my writing was a bit sloppy since i was shaking and used a crayon xDD

I redeemed the brown skater hat, and the MP3000!
and it came right after i was talking to r2dp about brooklyn being sold out lol.

~~~bo lil cenas~~~


3 Responses to “OMG i won!!!!!”

  1. Lucky!
    BTW, I’m R2DP’s friend too.
    If you don’t know.

  2. Lucky! Not in a way, “I’m not happy I didn’t win” but, LUCKY!!!

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