Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

A note to the readers and writers of this site

R2dp here.

Lately I’ve been thirsting for more views. As for the readers If you have a site add us to the blogroll.

And a few notes to the writers for ways you can contribute to the site.

-Don’t copy other site’s posts, apparently, if you copy posts, google ranks you lower so don’t do that any more If you feel too lazy to write a post, don’t do anything. somebody else on the site will most likely cover it.

-Think of way to be creative, not just normal. You will get what I mean if you read the post i’m going to write shortly after this

-ADVERTISE, This can also be done be a viewer. Today I went on a popular site called http://cpclubpenguin.com and went to every page and commented 5 billion links to this site in a comment. (this can be achieved by copying and pasting then copy and paste the sum of the paste before then just keep on copy pasting)

-Think of a catchphrase I don’t exactly have one yet, the closest thing I have now is “R2DP here.”

-Lastly, post daily we will get more views if we are constantly posting.


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