Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Club Penguin President

Ok I thought this would be fun doing a Club Penguin President Election since USA is having the Election today. So I decided to do a Club Penguin Election. The runners will be Billybob,Rsnail,Screen Hog,Rockhopper,Gary,and Aunt Arctic. Every round the two with least will be ELIMINATED. So Vote for your favorite 2 Penguins! . Oh yeah almost forgot there are 2 spots left and I will do a drawing for the last 2 spots if you comment and type your name in the comment. Good Luck To All Penguins! The link to the poll will be put up once the drawing is over. You will have 2 days to enter the drawing.

~Macaroni Jim~

8) Stay Cool 8)

TIMES UP! And the winners are……………. 1.Bo Lil Cenas 2.Master Paul1 3. Tracerbullet 4. R2Dpenguin66

Just a note to all winners you might want to persuade penguins to vote for you. Good Luck To The Winners!

Vote Here –  http://poll.pollcode.com/9mKw


10 Responses to “Club Penguin President”

  1. My name is Boyers. I would like to run for the election!
    Macajim:Got It!

  2. My name is Tracerbullet. I would like to run for the election!
    Macajim:Got It!

  3. Ok two ppl are up for the election. So if you want to run you better comment

  4. K dude i am famous and my name is:
    Master Paul1


  5. Ay r2dp, IM RUNNING
    xD u kno who it is :p

    where AM I??????????

  7. Rockhopper and Gary FTW!

  8. I vote Gary and Rsnail

  9. my name is speedmeister and i would also like to run for the election!

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