Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Ninja Master!

Macajim here,

Ok all of you who have been to the Dojo and outside the Dojo have probably seen the Shoveler Guy? Well I don’t think hes a normal penguin. If you noticed his penguin color is gray and look at that hat! Does’nt the hat look like a some kind of Chinese Ninja hat? Same with his coat but I’m not going into detail about that. He also is at the DOJO! I’ll bet anyone $100 that Ninja’s will be reaveled any day now. If you don’t believe me then I don’t know what say besides what the paragraph above says. Just so everyone knows when Ninja’s come out R2DP,BLC,Z3,and I are going to have a NINJA PARTY!

8) Stay Cool 8)

~Macaroni Jim~


2 Responses to “Ninja Master!”

  1. That ‘ninja’ you’re speaking of is just a normal penguin. I know he’s a grey color, and he’s hiding his face, but that doesn’t mean hes a ninja. Perhaps a new color will come. And…how do you even KNOW that there are ninjas finally coming out? You don’t. He’s just a guy whos helping out digging out the Dojo. And plus, that could be a light blue color, only you don’t know it. And CP said that there are no ninjas in CP. They only existed in Penguin Chat 3. The rumors aren’t beginning to be true. I can’t even believe you believe thats a ninja master. Ninjas do NOT wear Chinese hats. Ninjas are Japanese, not Chinese. This proves that this guy is NOT a ninja master.

    BLC: yes… but there is a possibility that HE isnt a ninja. But if he is a ninja and is at the dojo he must have something to do with martial arts right? There are also 6 “?” Which could make him a sensei. and maybe he will give us the ninja items if we help him finish up the dojo, and if cp said there were no ninjas… What about the ninja egg, the ninja at halloween, The shadows, the weird ?????? guy, and ninjas in 2005 November… JaMeS… My godfather’s son… is a ninja from november 2005. This is no lie either. ninjas are coming…

  2. To Megumi Chan:

    What he says is TRUE!!! Here’s the proof: (recent)
    A “figure”(but we all know it’s a ninja) was found hopping buildings at the town and plaza.

    Ever since this man appeared ninja shadows could be found hopping around the dojo walls.

    Inside the dojo there is a sign that says “Training begins November 17”

    There is a secret message in the newspaper that does not AT ALL seem related to Secret Agents

    Lastly hes grey! And he came out of no where! LITERALLY!! The only thing on his card is ??????

    If he is not a ninja master… THEN WHAT IS HE?!?!

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