Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Gary the Gadget Guy!

Macajim here,

I just saw G for the first time barely anyone was in the secret lab,so me and G talked for about 1 minute until I called R2DP. He was asking me a ton of questions and all that stuff. Heres some proof that we had a conversation.

8) Stay Cool 8)

~Macaroni Jim~


2 Responses to “Gary the Gadget Guy!”

  1. hey R2DPENGUIN why didnt you add me on cp? i saw you at mammoth dock im zapper903 and i saw gary yesterday! 1 of my friends went over to gary and said : G YOUR MEAN and then i started laughing lol hey can i be an admin for your site? i made a new site im still workin on it!! 🙂 so hey can you stop by this chat : http://xat.com/trainstvfans and JOIN THIS CP FORUM PLZZ http://clubpenguincheat.com/forum/

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