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Laughs…By: The Joker

By the looks of things… i think it will happen very soon

Clubpenguin… has been spreding ninja rumors around like crazy. But now, they might be coming…

The first time this started was halloween years ago, when a shadow appeared in the lighthouse,

then people saw one in the ski lodge’s mirror, then easter, the ninja egg, then the video with the ninja poster… and now an actual ninja

When the lightning in the dojo strikes, this little guy changes positions… it is said if you click him you will get a ninja costume, but i dont believe that.

Macajim: I was in the dojo with R2DP when I saw the ninja approximitley 30 min. after I entered so the whole stay in the dojo thing for 30 min. and see a ninja is true. in the new on the aunt arctic page last week was a hint.


2 Responses to “By the looks of things… i think it will happen very soon”

  1. I dont see the ninja in the dojo

  2. it comes up every so often, try taking a few screenshots when the lightning lights up the screen completely

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