Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Golf hat?? IPOD?? jacket??? yellow cape???

Edit: I found out how to get all those items. You have to buy cp plush toys and enter the codes then buy them from the treasure book. can anyone tell me (people bought the rockhoppers stowaway or the ultimate guide) what the answer is to the questions on the code thing on cp?????

PS: go to http://www.clubpenguin.com/clubpenguinshop/unlock_catalog.htm to view the treasure book

R2dp here.

Ok, where is the ipod, and jacket, and golf hat? I’ve been seeing people wear them

ZeeThree: no i did not make this post. A: the new books/toys.


6 Responses to “Golf hat?? IPOD?? jacket??? yellow cape???”

  1. u have to buy the clubpenguin toy items(which is garbage) and then they have a code. and i think for each item you buy you geta different item.i would never want to waste perfectly good money just to get an item.

  2. To the person above; do you have membership? If you do, that’s contradicting yourself.

  3. I have that same stuff and I’m wearing it right now. I got the day it came out

  4. how do you get that thing

  5. where do you buy the toy items?

  6. juikjjljj cooooooooook

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