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Laughs…By: The Joker

im fealing blue AGAIN!

(check out zeethree.wordpress.com for the post im feeling sort of blue.)From looking at most of mine and R2DP’s (if they were yours to, DONT BUG ME!!!!) old cp friends site, it mackes me sad. most of them quit cp, and they were ALL really nice. man do i miss them. 😦 . flash back:

Bribble:Some of the best times of my life.

ClubPenguin:Aplace to make friends,thus, one can have a lose.

Some friends who quit Club Penguin:SJB,IceBox10,Gold Angles,Ozzy1224,Cpperson,Njr,BugMonkey22,MonkeyBugg22,maxgirl11.(and don’t ask HOW I know half of them!)

first item: ren bandana

pin:Jet Pack
backround:dank blue, with yellow stars(3 i think)and a yellow moon
friend:Don’t ask…

some friends who still play (Yay!):R2DP, Maca Jim, Timmy 2006, Me(duh),Yuillie38, bo lil cenas, banditbud777.

~ZeeThree (WHY did SJB,IceBox10,Gold Angles,Ozzy1224,Njr,Cpperson,BugMonkey22,MonkeyBugg22,and maxgirl11 have too quit?)

4 Responses to “im fealing blue AGAIN!”

  1. i no how u feel i lost one of my closest friends all i did was copy their igloo and he got all upset at me so ya i feel sorry for you man

  2. Hi guys! It’s me…. You think I’m dont go on CP? I do, but only when I am REALLLLLY REALLLLLY bored!!!!!!!! You know what I’m saying? R2DP, BLC, and all you other pplz, send me an email!

    SJB’s got what you need!!©


  3. hey guys ive was looking at all the old websites and i realllyyy miss you guys 2 😦

  4. club penguin sucks

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