Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


lately there has been a lot of fuss around club penguin about ninja shadows, I remember seeing the shadows a long time ago but then for a while the shadows vanished, people are starting to think every shadow in cp is a ninja shadow, like in the dojo people think that a bunch of big shadows that dont even look like ninjas are ninjas, well the only shadows I confirm to be possible ninjas are the one over the fish net in the light house and the ninja in the mirror in the ski lodge


2 Responses to “ninjas?”

  1. Hey R2DP! Remember me?? Well, I think Ninjas will be coming in the next few months, by next summer I am pretty sure ninjas will already be out! =]

  2. That rly is true about the shadows around cp.
    everyone is making pics of them and did u hear about the “supreme ninja master” ROFL the shadow of a TREE AT SKI HILL… cp can make a shadow of every building ans someone would say its a giant ninja…
    especially when Halloween came… everyone was saying EVERY SHADOW was a ninja its rly annoying…
    did u also see the thing in the gift shop that rly could be a ninja belt? its in the shape of a rectangle and is pitch black, and the rest of the wall isn’t like that.

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