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New play and pin!

R2dp: hey, sorry for interrupting your post blc, but if you scoll down to the ninja picture, read what I said

Hey guys! Bo Lil here, Today a new play came out. A 3rd sequel to planet X… Planet Y. It has some pretty wicked costumes you can probably use for the Halloween costume contest. I think the best one for a costume would be the thinking cap… Its a brain in a glass bowl on your head.
There are no secrets though. you should really check out the catalog.

A new pin has also been released, it is a microscope in the sports shop

I hope i helped!

And by the way!
Disney is spreading the word about ninjas!!!!!
Check it out!
Pic from wweadam.com

R2dp: Ok here is what I was going to say, see the picture of that ninja, few of you probobaly remember kickecon, but if you remember kick made a ninja playercard edit, well on the picture of the ninja below looks exactly like the one kick made, especially the belt. kick also had that exact backround of the dojo on it, and a gray beak, compare the disney picture to the one below it.

kickecon’s pic:

well, PEACE!
~Bo Lil Cenas


4 Responses to “New play and pin!”

  1. whoa ninjas awesome dude that rocks id love to know how to become one ur funny pics r very funny lol i always get the hiccups when i see them all anyways i saw some of your cp jobs videos they were sooooooooooooooo funny i rated it a 5 star spectacular great music u used by the way i no only one of them and it was Franz Fernaid Take Me Out keep up the good work peace out homie

  2. Woah! r2d… i think they might have used kicks picture! the knot in the belt is in the exact spot, a dojo background =O
    thats awesome

  3. Where’d you get the disney picture from?

  4. huh thats cool kickeon shoulda put his name on it 😆

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