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Penguin Mario Bros! (trailer)

This is a trailer for my new youtube series, The penguin mario bros! and it has sweet music so turn up the volume


7 Responses to “Penguin Mario Bros! (trailer)”

  1. yay you iz bax!! 😛

  2. awsum video!

  3. yo R2DP remember me! well, u might not but u should.

    Im drive ur old buddy and im still playing CP (not as much)so if u need anything call me up.

    Your old buddy,
    Drivebyn (Drive)
    cpfanatic: of course I remember you
    ZeeThree: and me! i remember!

  4. can I be in it???? i can be a NINJA!!!!!!!!
    BIFF!!! ow ow ow i think i kicked myself in the face! OW ow

  5. ow ow ow

  6. well since u know id love too do more videos with u unless u gonna do them by urself.


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