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October 31, 2008

R2dp here! I went on cp and found gary in his lab heres a tracker i found. Advertisements


October 31, 2008

well as some of you may have seen, a few people have a background with gary on it, HES JUST LIKE ROCKHOPPER AND THE PENGUIN BAND! he goes into the top servers and is ALWAYS, in the laboratory (members only room but u must have the rad scientist costume.) i havent met him yet, but […]


October 31, 2008

well, my brothers would always prank me cuz im the shortest -.-. and when my bros got home today the almost S*** their pants! im going as michael myers from the halloween movies this year, not much of a costume, just a mask, some blue jeans, and a Dark blue shirt… and i was standing […]


October 30, 2008

R2dp here, The halloween party came early! I didn’t realize until now that its going until today. I will have a detailed post soon

By the looks of things… i think it will happen very soon

October 30, 2008

Clubpenguin… has been spreding ninja rumors around like crazy. But now, they might be coming… The first time this started was halloween years ago, when a shadow appeared in the lighthouse, then people saw one in the ski lodge’s mirror, then easter, the ninja egg, then the video with the ninja poster… and now an […]


October 29, 2008

Hey guys! Bo lil cenas here! Clubpenguin’s halloween party started today! Its amazing! especially the members only room… ] Awesome right?! o and thats one of the freebies! the lantern… they also brought back the pumpkin basket OH ! and the candy hunt is back!!!! ill help you out with that! Click the blue flag […]

Animation ideas?

October 28, 2008

I’ve been wanting to make new animations but I don’t have any ideas! Please post your ideas here. ZeeThree:HI PPL!! i didn’t make the real post but, Just so YOU know i made the pic! Go to the page “Name box (Powered by ZeeThree)” to get your own! Just thought i would say that! lol

Funny pics

October 27, 2008

Hello Penguins! Want more funny pics a week? Well the check out “Z3’s funny pics(#)”! It will have 1-10 pics a week! But around X-mas, I’ll have 1-2 weeks off of school! At that time, I’ll add 30+ pics! I’ll try to make 100, but to see the pics before any one else, comment on […]

yay! again!

October 26, 2008

I guessed the code to the iultimate guide rather than the rockhopper book, i guessed puffle like ten times and got it! if you already got the book items you just get 2000 coins


October 26, 2008

Just so everyone knows the Halloween party is today! 12:30 pst-1:15pm pst