Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Nobody else working on the site except us

I have decided that only Me (r2dp) BLC and Z3 (aka scoutninja…) because no offence to Y38 or BB777 but you guys didn’t make the site a lot better. (I mean come on, a page about winning a contest that took place almost 3 month ago? a post is fine but a page?) and also they deleted some of my good pages, (although I have to admit I had way too much pages so it kind of helped me in a way) and I just liked the site better when only I was on it (but Z3 and BLC are pretty good so they can stay) (I don’t know why I keep making these parentheses) (I really should stop) (but it is too much fun) (GOAT CHEESE!) (Ok now I’ll stop….. any time now……. ok I just gotta get it out of my system) (GOAAAAAAAAAAAAT CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!) (ok im done) I mean ok im done.

One Response to “Nobody else working on the site except us”

  1. Yuille got rid of all those pages, when he did i was flipping the heck out
    ill try to bring the popular 1s back tho

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