Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Im baaaaaack

Dont get ur hopes up this isn’t R2DP

But… it is bo lil

I recently quit club penguin, for a few months because i had to get on with my life… but now im back and better than ever at blogging, since i have more experience, i can blog better than ever, expect posts on EVERYTHING.

and right now you have LOTS of updates shootin atcha!

It’s that time of year again! The fall fair has returned bigger and better than ever! my favorite rooms are the ice berg and the mine shack, you may ask why the mine shack is my favorite, the answer is, I CAN HANG OUT THERE WITHOUT CARNIVALE MUSIC lol. This party is actually very fun!

and wanna know a secret? for tickets?

Please remember it is not my fault or responsibility if you get banned for this cheat. I have done ths several times and haven’t gotten banned. But that is your choice

Follow the tutorial in this video By Co0ntail (note that you must have firefox)

The fair also has a VIP room in the snow forts if you look to the opposite side of the penguin stadiun soccer field, its a members only room!

Next up for u guys is sneak peek for mission nine!

As you can see to the left the puffle is obviously a purple puffle whom made a bubble with its gum (DURR)

and the one to the right is a red puffle (bowling pins)

Next up is the new play from 2 weeks ago… again i am sorry for not letting u guys know i was quitting

If you still havent found the ruby… i can help!

1) click the lamp

2) click the drawers in the office

3) click the garbage can

4) click the book

5) click the plant in the 3rd room

6) click the painting on the wall

7) click the safe

8) WALLAH click the ruby


oh and one more thing! clubpenguin is giving 1 limited edition viking penguin away to 1000 lucky winners!

i hope i win, cuz it will be rare and i can make a profit on ebay xD

nahh but seriously, i will keep it treasure it and call it Mr Poof Poof


thats all and if u have an urge to watch AMAZING VIDEOS go to my youtube channel

Im VERY skilled with MVs


If u dont think im a great vid maker and i probably suck, take this for example

~Bo Lil Cenas


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