Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

ClubPenguin Music Festival!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a great party!

first off cp has a new game in the night club called DJ3K!

Next off is the party,
They brought back the maracas from 2007 back they are at the cove

and they made a new shirt at the plaza!

And if you go to the snowforts you will see a t shirt stand for members and VIP passes for backstage at the dock!

And when you get backstage, you can buy instruments!
Click the “I” in “MUSIC” for the red electric guitar!

My favorite room is the dojo!

But let me know what you think!

and its really fun to go in empty servers because all the stages are empty and when you step on them the music starts!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

~Bo Lil Cenas~


2 Responses to “ClubPenguin Music Festival!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. no offense but this site suxs with out r2, i think im the only 1 who visits it anymore, pretty soon im going to delete this acount because im getting readdicted and im gone for forever.

  2. Hey! Its the chuggas and we r bak babay! better than ever we r updating everything man! and we are still taking suggestions since early july 2007! well come check out our site its still in the early stages but towards the end of the summer it will live up to our promises and will be raffled of to a lucky contender. we will live up to these promises.
    -check it out the chuggas

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