Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Club Penguin finally has finished updating. In the process, they found a few bugs that they needed to squash.

First of all lets start with the new server update. As you can see there is a list of suggested servers, those suggested servers are the servers that your buddies are on.

Click more to display all the other servers, in alphabetical order.

With Penguin mail, you can now send and receive mail from offline players.

Theres a new free item that comes with the penguin mail. It’s a blue bag. If you need the bag click on the penguin mail and you will recieve a postcard saying would you like to have a blue bag.

The new playercard update launched! Now It’s much easier to wear your items. Take a look

As you can see the items of the penguin now look different in the list here is an example

There is also a new update, as you can see the lei is now behind the duck. Maybe there are more items that look different.

The spy phone is now above the map. You can now get to it easier then before.

When a buddy logs onto Club Penguin, you get a message.

Members and Non-Members now have an igloo background in the scenery. (Click to inlarge.)

The green puffle was removed from the Night Club, and is now located at the Ice Rink. You can play hockey with him.

When you log into Club Penguin, it says Logging In (username).

When you log into Club Penguin, if you have new messages waiting, it will tell you.





~bo lil cenas



  1. Google give you a lower page rating if you just copy someone elses post…

  2. thats interesting woofmccol…

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