Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


This is R2dp, Yes, I am quitting. I missed getting the wizard hat, and cp is getting boring, I’ll talk about it later.


32 Responses to “Quitting”

  1. Dude how can you do this! man your awesome! If you dont remember me i when on youtr bribble all the time!

  2. what???? well i cant stop you, but if you want, you can leave a comment on my site saying your password. (no one else will see it. ill make sure of it…)

    your friend(?) ZeeThree
    P.S. of you do give me your password, you can have your penguin back when ever you want it back.

  3. Dear R2DP,

    If you are reading this, I need to tell you something..

    Although I sometimes feel club penguin is boring, I just don’t log on as much unless theres something new. I believe you should log on only thursdays or fridays or other special events on CP. And to keep myself from total boredness, I just check out news on bionicle, play different games, etc. So r2dp, please don’t quit. The items you may receive in club penguin will be useful someday. PLEASE DON’T QUIT!


  4. *sigh*
    Sure you’re quitting…for the almost 5th time!
    You always say you’re quitting! You’re only doing this to stall for time because there isn’t anything new to talk about! as soon as the new catalog comes out you’ll make a post saying I’m not quitting! you don’t have the guts to quit!

  5. it’s your decision but you should just take a break and take it easy then come back and see if it’s any better

  6. Dear R2DP,
    Big Sigh

    R2DP you can’t quit! u r #1 of the coolest penguins I have ever seen. Why r u quiting? Please meet me on CP tomorrow at 4:00pm on server Tobaggon at the forest. If you don’t want 2 come back that is ur decision. Please Please Please Don’t Quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  7. hey….srry to hear. i quit too, so join the club!!!! if u wanna play on the wii together or something, just email me..

    sjb’s got what you need!!


    p.s. i will go on cp if forced to

  8. June 3, 2008
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  9. Dude, you can’t quit! You’ll make everyone mad @ you! I’ll be sad too! EVERYONE TRY TO CONVINCE HIM TO NOT QUIT!!!!!!! I helped out with Gratlofatic, and he didn’t quit! Don’t quit!!!!!!!

  10. All you did was miss the wizard hat =[
    and if u quit it would suck for us all,
    just cuz me, yuille, and bandit r admins doesn’t make u any less important just because you dont post alot, u made us all, u influenced me to start blogging, u influenced me to try to become famous, and if u quit this site, and all of ur fans will crash and burn…
    its ur choice though, at least come on on fridays and thursdays for the latest news and udates on free items, parties etc.

    Ur bud
    ~Bo Lil Cenas~

  11. dude u always say i quit then later when theres an awesome party u say i will not quit u always dothat

    your friend Nice RJ

  12. R2DP,you were a great friend and I hate to be the bringer of bad news,but look what happened to
    It got destroyed and I cant fix it since I am not an admin on it 😥

  13. if u are reading this R2dP bhut like everyone says atleast get on on thurdays just to read the news..and ur quitting just because of a wizard hat?? im not mad im just saying why quit if u missed a wizard hat?? also like BLC said if u quit ur fans will hate u and leave mean comments or ur fans would crash and burn and u wouldnt have any friends anymore cause ppl would be like:

    “thats R2Dp dude quit so hes not important” but u are important cause ur a human person and u respect me..so i should give u all my respect…which i do..so bye R2dp

    With all my heart i wish u to not quit.:'(

    Your buddy from a long time ago..


  14. he can just blow off his fans they arent good fans if they criticize R2 about quitting

  15. you should check out planet cazmo again its cool now.


  16. Dear R2dp,
    Its me 14atlas. Yes I check up on your blog just to see what your doing. I hope you come back to Planet Cazmo! Its really starting to get better. Also beta release is happening extremely soon!

    14atlas aka Njrfcatlas14

  17. Please visit http://snash1338.wordpress.com if you want to join a club penguin sports team. Or you can enter my igloo contest at http://50cent254cp.wordpress.com

  18. Can I have your site if you don’t want it?

  19. one of my dogs is dying

  20. 1st you basicly give away your site.2gd your going to quit cp?you used to go on cp every day!mabye cp will not be so boring if you make new freings on cp! anyway… PLEASE DONT QUIT!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  21. oops… freings is spost to be friends sorry…

  22. good bye, I quit too, but I’ll still be on during special events.

  23. finally you fucking quit this fucking game what is your fucking problem

  24. []D [[]] [[]] []D hahaha []D [] []V[] []D haaahaaa roflmao lollol rofl rock

  25. I completely understand. JOIN NEOPETS! Altador Cup 3 starts on Thursday, and you should really join. Neopets never really gets boring because there’s so many different things you can do on there. I can fight in the battledome, play games, restock, join a guild, make your on homepage, collect avatars, and there’s a ton more stuff too! Seriously, I’ve been playing for over a year and it hasn’t even gotten boring yet.

  26. Oh yeah, I forgot to say congrats on quitting. The thing about CP is that they just keep repeating what they’re already done. There’s a clothing catalog and now there’s a new pin, play, party and a new pin, furniture catalog. And then it keeps repeating itself over and over again.

  27. this is to unknowncpcl: F*** YOU!!! IF I COULD GET MY HANDS AROUND YOUR NECK I WOULD THROTTLE YOU!!! and saying “he can just blow off his fans they aren’t good fans if they criticize R2 about quitting” is a dumb thing to say! you dont even know who the h*** r2dp is! i do, i was 1 of 2 people who told r2dp about cp! and good fans will NOT tell him to quit!bad fans (like you) will! and his good fans (like me) are (at least some or most)more then his fans there his FRIENDS. P.S. im sorry to hear one of your dogs is dieing. ~ZeeThree

  28. im r2s friend ive been with him for quite some time i was just tryin to say if you support him you should let him make his own decisions

  29. dude i quitted like 2 years ago club penguin is so freakin boring i wasted my summer playing that crap


  31. Hey SJB your still my hero and I have no idea why! Hey jow do you find out your friend code and whats yours so we can all play wii.


  32. You’re wrong zeethree. Good friends would respect his decision, and support him if he needed it.
    Zee Three: I do (did) respect his decision, but after he left, he lost so many viewers! I knew that. And also, quiting would get him confused if he came back. But, he’s back. That my point.

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