Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Hey guys, my friend was playing around with cp trainer and found that if u change ur name to Ninja ur name becomes blank, do you think this is a sign of ninjas coming soon?


comment here with your opinion!


~Bo lil cenas~


8 Responses to “Ninjas?”

  1. that sounds weird! I wish they would reveal stuff about it.

  2. cool

  3. i emailed cp and they said “we wont release ninjas because we already made agents but we will make clubpenguin better”

  4. What are you smoking???

  5. srry that i did that my friends bet me that i could not get your atteion and well i did
    😦 sooooo srry really no hard fealings right? please respond and say its ok because i feel really really really bad

  6. hey bo lil cenas. this is blackmist(logged in as my bro) i think u removed me. well my site is


  7. Sup
    Never knew you had a WP
    I really could care less about ninjas cause theres been so many rumours, people hacking outfits, making edits, all kinds of crap… besides if they did give them out, it would prolly be free for EVERYONE then EVERYONE would wear it and it would suck…lol ima negative person i guess

  8. Something that I found on Youtube lol. This is probably not true:

    τћіѕ іѕпτ ƒаκє арраяєпτℓч іƒ υ сорч раѕτє τћіѕ τо τєп рєорℓє іп τћє ηєχτ τєп міпυτєѕ чоυ шіℓℓ ћаνє τћє вєѕτ đач оƒ чоυя ℓіƒє τомояяош чоυ шіℓℓ єіτћєя gєτ а κіѕѕ оя вє аѕκєđ оυτ вυτ іƒ чоυ вяєаκ τћіѕ сћаіп υ шіℓℓ ѕєє а ℓіττℓє đєаđ gіяℓ іп чоυя яоом τопіgћτ

    ~Ennbay :mrgreen:

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