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Laughs…By: The Joker

Its y’e ol party!

Well sorry i haven’t posted, read my last post for my reasons. Anyway its the medevil party! Since it was extended, there is a new free item! They brought back a old item… THE WIZARD HAT which is cleverly in the lighthouse, on the potion table.

… pic from Mohd222.wordpress.com



Next is the pin! The new pin is an anvil which is at the boiler room, first click the pot with orange gunk in it until it pours into the anvil maker, then, click on the bar above the anvil maker, give it a little time and the pin will appear as an ANVIL!




And finally is the awesome new igloo catalog!

http://mohd222.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/catalog-secrets.gif click for an animation from MOHD



Most credit to mohd222 @ mohd222.net

~Bo lil cenas~



5 Responses to “Its y’e ol party!”

  1. ummm… you forgot the inflatable dragon(click on the hole in the pink castle to reveal).

  2. Thanks for the credits! 🙂

  3. im quiting. ❗
    waddle on (for the last time)

  4. srry that i did that my friends bet me that i could not get your atteion and well i did
    😦 sooooo srry really no hard fealings right? please respond and say its ok because i feel really really really bad

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