Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


This is the far time GREATEST catalog since Clubpenguin came out!
Anyway, lets get to serious buisness, to see the catalog without logging in please click Here.

Here are the secrets!

Ok I’ll start with the crystal staff which is on the dragons hand

Next is the woodsman hat. That is located on the emerald hat.

Then the cheesy tie, thats on the collar of the casual dress suit.

Wow, this is the most secrets in a catalog in the history of Clubpenguin! Now we have the viking helmet, that is on the bow of the choco-bunny ears


Finally, we have the snorkels, they are located on the eyes of the penguin wearing the white admiral jacket.

And finally, in the big wigs click the spikester for the spikette (pink version)

and thank you yuille 🙂

~Bo lil cenas~




3 Responses to “Catalog!”

  1. Nice Job!

  2. Hey r2dp we have to start meeting on CP again!


    please visit my site , we need more hits and comments.
    p.s i like your site

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