Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

April fools sneak peek!


taken from Blog.clubpenguin.com

they said the news will also be strange, im geussing a real format? maybe even an early newspaper?

i hav a cool prediction of wat i think the free items gonna be:


poorly edited thats wat i think though, maybe it will have the same layout as the goofy glasses from last year but with swirls inside them

and when you dance maybe you’ll see them spinning as if they were hypnotising u!

-Bo Lil Cenas


3 Responses to “April fools sneak peek!”

  1. lol ur the only 1 who posts on this site anymore

    bo lil cenas:yeah its rly sad tho everyone was SOOO anxious and would do the best they can and deserved it SOO much dont care after the first day lol

  2. Okay listen, I’m sorry for yelling and calling you guys @!$*… I guess I am kinda jelous of not getting to joing R2dp’s blog.

    You do not have to forgive me, I just wanted to say that

    Bo Lil Cenas:ur forgiven i understand how it is to lose, trust me ive lost ALOT, lets just leave it at ALOTTT

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