Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Great job

Hey R2DP here, I just want to say great job on what you guys have done so far, oh and I’m assuming yuille made the header, right, great job! I also need help with the comments, I have over 3,000 comments since I started this blog and I am getting TIRED of checking all of them cuz I get a lot, so if you guys could moderate some of the comments it would be great, I havent checked comments in probobaly two weeks.

4 Responses to “Great job”

  1. this is to R2DP, and R2DP only!!!! will you be able to post more when to school year is over?

    ~Zeethree 8)

  2. Hey ppl remember Miroos??
    Well i got myself my own army join now!!


    They are part of the ACP empire

    Plz leave a comment

  3. they are doin good

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