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Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Easter time has come, and everybody knows what happens. Easter egg hunt!!! This is Club Penguin’s third Easter egg hunt, with the prizes for the first two being pink and blue bunny ears. The eggs are easy to find this year, as long as you follow the clues. 

Spoiler Alert: Here are the locations of the Easter eggs

There are pictures of where the eggs are at the bottom of the post. The first egg is at the Cave, the egg is inside the lantern. The second egg is at the Dock, being under snow at one of the posts on the Dock. The third egg is at the Puffle Shop, being in a bird cage, a red puffle is painted on it. The fourth egg is at the Book room on the top shelf, it is a cactus. The fifth egg is at the Gift Shop. It is in the poster by the door, the egg is in a tuxedo. The sixth egg is at the Plaza, being the left light. The seventh egg is at the Lodge Attic. You have to roll your mouse over the box at the bottom left hand corner of your screen, and the egg will pop up. The eighth and final egg is easy to find, but hard to get. It is at the Dojo, but it disappears and reapers at different locations. It is colored as a ninja, and it is showing it’s ninja powers. It is easy to get, it will stay in one location long enough. The prize is green bunny ears, which isn’t really green because it is plainer looking. Here are some pictures.

EasterEggs.jpg picture by mbyuilleEasterEggsEnd.jpg picture by mbyuilleEasterBunnyEars.jpg picture by mbyuille


Updated by: Bo Lil Cenas

1) Go to any room other than the dojo or iceberg,

2) After collectng all of the eggs, click to go to another room,

3) Quickly pull up the screen with the eggs and click claim prize,

4) Leave the screen up,

5) now you should see giant bunny ears.

Here is a picture of what it should look like:

BunnyEarsHuge.jpg picture by mbyuille


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