Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Hey ppl! its me bo lil

i recently won the admin poll in 3rd place

just lettin u guys no ill be doins an awesome job here!

also be sure to visit



and cpnewspaper.com

to see very winner’s site!

Cya ppl!

-lyf suckz then u die but im italian i keep it fly


UPDATE: i sent cp an idea  here it is

hey clubpenguin i have a Really COOL idea!
i was re-reading the penguin times, and noticed that NOBODY AT ALL except for
rockhopper knows where rockhopper island is
i think maybe there could be a new mission for that
we gather pieces for a radar for G to buildand he attaches it to a jetpack in
the minigame “jetpack adventure” he sends us out to play it like we normally do
BUT without levels and we hear beeping noises (the speed varys on how close we
are to the island)
so we land and tell rockhopper “we have a surprise for you” and he rows back to
clubpenguin to find the migrator looks good as new!
i hope this idea gets used
or something similar

-Bo Lil Cenas

heres wat they responded with
I am excited to hear what a creative mind you have.  A new mission to find
Rockhopper Island by playing Jet Pack Adventure definitely sounds like a fun
adventure!  I really like the part where you listen for how fast the beeps are
going to know how close you are, kind of like hunting for treasure.  Which I’m
sure Rockhopper and Yarr would appreciate.  Here at Club Penguin we never get
tired of listening to our fellow penguins ideas on new games or improvements we
can make.  Take a look at the link below to find even more ways to get


Sounds like they might use it!!!

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