Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Admin poll

Here it is, if I didn’t put you on the poll,  then that’s probobaly because I havent even spoken to you in a chatroom.

Heres how the poll will work, there is 16 people on the list, so the top 5 chosen will advance to the next poll. heres the pollcode,



19 Responses to “Admin poll”

  1. hia plz vote for me and good lucky everyone else

    ok bye


  2. hey guys plz vote for me bo lil cenas!~

  3. *groan* ill never win this!
    hell here i come…

  4. Hi i am(Smiley40) i would like you to check out my kool army site if you would please check it out and leave a comment i would appreciate it so much. We are trying to advertise to get more soliders if you want to join just comment if you dont could you please just add the sites to your blogroll

    Thank you for your time, (Smiley40)


  5. hey i think SBJ should…. bu the way dose anyone no hes email? he hasnt been sending me ANYTHING LATELY!

  6. great site!!!
    check out mine.

  7. today is march 7th!(and my birthday!!!! YAY!)

  8. 1st of all – Happy Birthday Zeethree!
    2nd of all – No one barley knows me and I REALLY doubt I’ll even Have a chance!

    😦 😥 its not fair 😥 😦

  9. hey guys please vote for me ill take good care of the site ill post allot my school year is almost over in baltimore and ive hade 10 blogs before and i was partnered with all the good bloggers in the cp world all getting over 5’000 veiws in the first 4 weeks

  10. guyz vote for me u no me! im known sure banditbud is winnin but thz because e has a site wit tons of vies and thats cool wit me, but i didn’t even get a view on my blog laely, so i geuss im prett known lol, just remember on the 2nd poll VOTE FOR ME BLC

    -lyf sucks den u die, but i italian… I KEEP IT FLYYYYY 8)

  11. go gratfoliac

  12. Hey guys it’s greenbuddy99 of the CP Treasury! Please put me on the poll cpfan! uvr seen my site its awesome! Ill do a good job! You inspired me to start my own blog!

  13. hai again guyz!
    im xtremely dedicated to this!
    and r2dp always knew me. i remember wat room and wat day we met too lol
    the pool during the summer of 2006
    yeaaaa lol
    plz remember to vote for me

  14. Hey, thanks thehuggas!

  15. great site!!!
    check out mine.
    and win lots of prizes like free memberships and lots more!!!


  16. dude make the new poll
    GO TO http://cpnewspaper.com AND COMMENT! HELP ADVERTISE!

  17. what about moi

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