Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


I missed my party cuz I needed to study for a test.


17 Responses to “sorry!”

  1. YES!!! Can you rescedual? I missed it because I don’t really come on your blog anymore… 😕 but guess what!?!? I GOT A BLOG NOW!!! GO TO IT A http://www.gratlofatic.com/

  2. Sorry, my REAL website is: http://www.gratlofatic.wordpress.com/ :mrgreen:

  3. yo can i make like the catalouge posts on your site add me to your site and i will make the updates for you!

  4. ya add me to ur site



  6. HELP!!! MY AVATAR WON’T WORK ON MY COMMENTS! I have it up, but then after I click “back to profile” it doesn’t show up! 😦 😥

  7. To Gratlofatic: You can try uploading a JPG , GIF, or PNG file. I think those are the only files dat work…
    Also, WHY DO YOU STUDY FOR TESTS? I mean, I never study and the worst mark I got was 80%, then 89%, then the rest 90%+!!! The longest time I’d ever study was, of course, 18 minutes. LOLZ!

  8. Another question – how do I get the blogroll in my widget thing? It wont show up as one of my “Available Widgets”

  9. It’s I think called “Links”!

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