Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


I won the ninja suit in planet cazmo! All you have to do is play the ninja skateboarding and get 35,000 points! You are probobaly thinking: “You are crazy! 35,000 points!?!” but when you are going really fast hold down A or Z on the keyboard until it gives you a 1,000 point bonus each time you do it.



5 Responses to “YES!”

  1. i finished with over 100,000 pts.

  2. Thats 2 e-z 100,000pts. … Gimme a break :0

  3. i fifnished wit lyk 112,000
    you can hold A+Z to get 2000 points XD

  4. very intresting? keep it up 😉

  5. hello nice site anyway talking ababut ninjas,where just creating a game if you wanna see it come to ninjaplanet.wordpress.com

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