Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


Theres a new game I’ve discovered when I went to someone’s site. (Sophie also said something about this game but I heard of it FIRST this morning on someone’s site) Its not cp, but its PC! Planet Cazmo! Its in beta testing, and is pretty fun, the site is http://www.planetcazmo.com/ my account is StEvEo and I am usually in the server beatstreets or something with a skateboard, and blonde hair.


UPDATE: This game is really fun! here are some tips, click the map and go to the theatre then talk to this lizard dude and he’ll give you a beta hat! Right now I’m beastin’ it up trying to get 20,000 points on the ninja skateboarding game so I can have the ninja suit.


2 Responses to “PC!”

  1. yay first comment, hey there its me blaze, yea we met at like 11 on cozmo thingy lol, I still prefer club penguin though

  2. heyy its me n i found out about cazmo by atlas14(njrcatlas14) kindof along time ago and its really fun!!!!!!!!

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