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admin contest

February 27, 2008

I no longer really have time to update this or my cazmo site….. I’m not quitting my site, just only going to post like every month or so, so sign up in the comments the requirements are: -I must trust you, and have known you for a while -You must own a WORDPRESS blog that has […]


February 24, 2008

I missed my party cuz I needed to study for a test.

Salvaging a party!

February 20, 2008

I’m going to host a party celebrating the new game and 120,000 views!

Underwater Subma-party & new game

February 19, 2008

the new party is in! I know this post is late but I was in wisconsin to visit my aunt over the weekend and didnt have time to play cp. the two items are Seaweed belt – bookroom Yellow snorkle – forest My favorite room is the whole dance club area (mostly the dance lounge) The new […]

I did not quit

February 9, 2008

Just to clear out this rumor: I am NOT quitting club penguin yet ok? I’m just taking a break, btw theres an awesome new play at the stage, you should check it out.


February 4, 2008

The giants won the superbowl! (Be careful not to say that in cp or people will crowd you and say MUCK YOU! while reporting you lol)

My cazmo people:

February 2, 2008

Main cazmo player: StEvEo Brother (ben penobie): JoeyConCon My backups: Cazzit89, Planet Cazach, and Gooey Liquid visit http://cazmocrib.wordpress.com 

More cazmo!

February 2, 2008

Cazmo ROCKS I made a site that is under construction right now, http://cazmocrib.wordpress.com

Chatbox notice:

February 2, 2008

Bribble shut down free chatboxes so the new official CpFaNaTiCs ChAt is http://www.xat.com/chat/room/16713160/


February 2, 2008

I won the ninja suit in planet cazmo! All you have to do is play the ninja skateboarding and get 35,000 points! You are probobaly thinking: “You are crazy! 35,000 points!?!” but when you are going really fast hold down A or Z on the keyboard until it gives you a 1,000 point bonus each […]