Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

I forgot to tell you guys, the fiesta party is back with Festive maracas in the dance club the same place as last year. also theres a new furniture catalog and cp has updated the igloo storaging system so its sorted out in tabs. Last thing I want to tell you is im temp. quitting, I won’t post as much im not REALLY quitting just not posting much ok?


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  1. first comment yay!!!!!:)

  2. eat about the new mission

  3. That’s too bad you’re going to be on less. I’m visiting everyone on my blogroll, and if you don’t mind, I’ll keep you on mine even though the site won’t be as active. 🙂 TTFN.


  4. i finished the new mission B)

  5. i finished the new mission 8) oh yeah and this is my other account it’s unknowncl

  6. I beat the new mission :mrgeen:

    Here is how:

    (You can copy it but you gotta give me credit!)

    1. Talk to G.

    2. Wait for the crab to explode the translator, then follow him from the HQ, to the sports shop, to the ski village, to the mountain, and eventually you will be rolling down the hill.

    3. Follow the crab until you get to the door.

    4. Go to the section of the place with a log and a bush.

    5. Use your spy scissors in your spy phone to cut down the O Berries and put them in your inventory.

    6. Go to the section of the place with the tree stump.

    7. Give the black puffle an O Berry so he follows you around.

    8. Go back to the section with the door.

    9. Put an O Berry in the doggy-door. Your puffle will go through, open the door, and you will follow him.

    10. Your puffle will run away, and a polar bear will come and retrieve your spy phone. You will
    be put into a cage.

    11. Keep clicking through the polar bear’s speech bubbles and presentation.

    12. When the polar bear leaves, scroll to the section of the cave where there is the cage lift

    13. Put an O Berry on the chute. Your puffle will jump on it, and it will lean to the side.

    14. Put an O Berry on the red handle and your puffle will turn on the machine. Water will flow through the chute.

    15. Put an O Berry on the scale, and your puffle will jump on and lift the gold weight. Water will flow and the cage will be lifted.

    16. Scroll through the cave and get the hot sauce, anchor, rope, and blueprints. Put them in your inventory.

    17. Open the door. Snow will block the pathway. Put the hot sauce on the O Berries and give the hot O Berry to your puffle. It will melt the snow. Escape!

    18. Go to the section of the place where you started out. Click on it so you will be in front of a hill.

    19. Combine the rope and anchor to create a grappling hook. Swing it and escape yet again!

    20. Go to the pizza parlor by scrolling through the dock, town, snow forts, and plaza.

    21. Get a seaweed pizza from the cashier. (Click on him to talk for a little bit)

    22. Scroll back to the ski village. Go to the ski lodge. In the ski lodge, go through the ice fishing door. There’s the polar bear!

    23. Take the seaweed out of your inventory and click on the polar bear (to give him the pizza).

    24. While he’s eating it, click the lever on his contraption so that it’s on the right side.

    25. He’ll figure out the problem and “fix” the machine. He’ll slide away and break the ice.

    26. G will come. Give him the blueprints. He’ll get a call on his cellphone for you—it’s the polar bear.

    27. The mission will end and receive your medal and gift!

    Your welcome! :mrgreen:

    ~ 8) Grãtlòfåtîç 8) ~

  7. thanx gratlofatic if it wasnt for u i couldnt do my mission i mean i wouldnt and coulndt do my missioN@!!!

  8. i was short but cool (someone make a bear wanted poster)

  9. Your welcome miroos! :mrgreen:

    I’m always here to help ppl!

  10. P.S. Can you get into your igloo?

    And when you can’t, what are you using (Mac or Windows XP), Is your “cashe” cleared, and… if you can get in your igloo, YOUR LUCKY!!! MY PUFFLES ARE GOING TO RUAWAY OR (hopfully) DIE!!!!


    ~ 😦 Grãtlòfåtîç 😦 ~


  12. WHAT U CANT GET IN YOUR igloo?o ya RH got mad and locked everybodys iggy just kidding lol cheer up gratlo

  13. Wow… Your a big fan of me miroos… kool!


    ~ 8) Grãtlòfåtîç 8) ~

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