Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


This is a hard decision for me… macajim just quit, kickecon quit, even pink mafias quit AGAIN I don’t wanna waste my time debating with myself, so just keep in mind I MIGHT quit.

[update] I have decided to quit when my 6 month membership ends. If cp is better by then, I wont quit. My membership ends on 6/11/2008 (June 11)


19 Responses to “Quit?”

  1. c mon you cant just give up a great penguin and a great blog! It is your decision though


  2. if you do quit are you going to give your penguin and blog away?

  3. dont quit !!!!!!!!!!

  4. oh umm Please DONT QUIT

    PS:you cant do the stuff on walls and walls stuff on floor


    R2DP: I said I MIGHT quit

  6. plz dont quit sure CP is boring as sh!t (lol) but u have an awesome blog and AWESOME fans… im almost 99.99999999999999999999% sure ull become famous if u keep this blog and CP up

  7. (i no u sed u might)

  8. OMG SRRY LOL ABOUT THE NAME IRENE TRIMBOLI! lol my dad was on WP before and used my grandmas name ROFL

  9. i deleted those comments

  10. REWRITE: plz dont quit… CP is boring as sh!t i no that… i WANTED to quit in october but it got rly cool… im almost 100% sure after april ull be a hit!

  11. Oooh!! Your membership ends on your birthday!! Wow! Cooooool! That is totally awesome! My birthday is on June 11! Oh, I’m very sad that you MIGHT quit. But I don’t mind if you do. I’ll kinda miss you, but I don’t really know you and I never met you.

  12. my sister died, two weeks ago so there is no need for me to type for her. so I’m gone for ever. *cries*

    -by the way my sisters name was Stefanie. i just posted the comment to say bye. *cries*

  13. r2dp plz dont quit

  14. its the vegas girl remember her r2. the comment wars. dont believe her. she nvr had a sister, or a sister with cancer.

  15. and dont quit dude, i came bak after being gone for about a month. i dont kno how much longer im gona stay around 4 but im bak 4 now

  16. OH NO IT’S : )!!!!!!!1


  17. fyi, im not quitting until 2009

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