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cp getting boring…

Much of you have been asking why I havent posted much lately, its because cp is just getting real boring! When I first joined, it was like the best game ever then it slowly started to get boring, Kickecon quit cp because it’s getting boring, and I’m not quitting yet but don’t expect me to be around for too much longer because I’m getting tired of cp, now I just go on webkinz sometimes with macajim. My webkinz account is R2DP (big wower lol)


27 Responses to “cp getting boring…”

  1. i agree! i mean, cp is like one of the most boring things i have played right now…..webkinz is also rly boring

  2. well yes cp is getting boring and I am quiting (just chekin once in a while) but webkinz is gay as in suck my hary dick gay.

  3. webkinz is boring and i don’t even play. It dosen’t matter if u go on a lot on cp, I only go on if theres new cool things, A War is going on, making music vids, and feeding my puffles, I go on about 2 or 3 times a week time depending.

  4. Hey I gotz a Webkins from my friend… it’s a penguin and his name is Gratlofatic. My username is SuperHappyFunFun spelled exactly like that.

    Wanna be buds?

    What’s your penguin and dog’s names? and what’s your account name?

    ~ 8) Grãtlòfåtîç 8) ~

  5. P.S. (adding to that last post) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year every 1!

  6. Ya thats kinda happening to me too… I only go on now to see new stuff & feed my puffles.

    Oh and if any1 plays webkinz add me on wk my name is maymay453 on there… DUH! I have a penguin named Waddle, a Bull Frog named Hannah and a Gorilla named Sheila!

  7. yea its getting boring sorta but DONT PLAY WEBKINZ
    i like http://www.runescape.com its fun any add me name is alwayspure10

  8. U forgot taht i quit cp and deleted my blog

  9. yeh
    cp is getting real lame!!
    doing the same stuf again and again
    i go on planetcazmo.com
    u cn be a beta tester on it
    and if yur fast enough u might be a chosen mod
    im one of the ppl who migth be
    my name is yazmin gal on it
    or maybe yazmiin gurl

  10. it rly is gettin suckish… =\ im rly almost quitting im almost a teen i thing its time for me to move on =\ it rly sucks its either runescape (OMG) or…webkinz (iF im desperate O.o) or if im rly rly desperate its d…..dr…dragon fable O.o

  11. yeah it is boring now! that other post isnt by me! its by a guy of my site

  12. CP is most definitely not boring. Please dont quit.

  13. club penguin is really boring i only go on and be mean! webkinz is so boring too! its ment for 4-7 year olds.

  14. Okay, yes Webkinz IS for like 5 year olds but it’s fun buying stuff. Club Penguin is also boring but it is still boring 😆

    So that’s all 4 now… ’till i post again! 🙂

    ~ 8) Grãtlòfåtîç 8) ~

  15. dude just quit dude when i started way in 2006 i already thought it was boaring dude so just quit you wont even notice that you did quit just like me.

  16. also dude clubpenguin was made for the same age as webkins so that means clubpenguin was originally for little kids that play webkins ans its weird for middle schoolers to play but its your choice dude

  17. a fun game is pawngame.com

  18. ok u guys quit if u want but my whole purpose of playing cp is to get famous, thats why i started playing in the 1st place, i’m not quitting until after im famous for awhile

  19. HHIIII

  20. Now you know how I feel about “quitting” CP.

  21. ay ay ay A B C D ee ee ee E F G ay ay ay H I J kay ay ay K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X W a and Z OH oh oh oh OH oh oh oh… :mrgreen: just singin’ a song

    ~ 8) Grãtlòfåtîç 8) ~

  22. i know u want to quit but if u want to wat am i gonna do about its your opinion but you will come back back cause lots of famous ppl quit and now their back so if u want to quit u can.


  23. i have pawngame too 🙂


  25. c.p is real boring all you do is play silly games and
    dress these silly penguins

  26. hi i am awesome-apple and ppl think im my best friend, monkeygirl43, i just want this to stop so please please please if your reading this make this stop!!!


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