Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

New penguin outfit

Go to http://poll.pollcode.com/Ocd and vote, and then you tell me what you think the certain clothes item should be changed to.


13 Responses to “New penguin outfit”

  1. What do YOU wanna look like? Because it’s all up to you

  2. i love club penguin sooo much i will tell u this:
    username- roryoy
    password- 9140345

  3. Why did you give out a penguin… With 20 coins?

  4. Anywho the next time someone sees this
    post they are probably just gonna ban him 😐

    I’m on him right now :mrgreen: but I don’t dare ban someone! :mrgreen:

    ~ 8) Grãtlòfåtîç 8) ~

  5. If you’re reading this then you gotta update the pin!

    ~ 8) Grãtlòfåtîç 8) ~

  6. i swear i will kill u if i see u in the same outfit 1 more time!!

  7. nah about the peng i got him 240 coins

  8. the pass for royroy is wrong! i tried it

  9. lololololol?

  10. r2 can you block roryoy’s password please

  11. dude u seem so tired of this blog and posting! its getting annoying!

  12. i think you should change your outfit. i mean you’ve had the same thing on for like forever.

  13. your not posting as much as you use to

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