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Laughs…By: The Joker

Do I need a new penguin look?

My penguin has been wearing this type of out fit for a long time:

 So do I need a new look? vote here: http://poll.pollcode.com/L7H or leave a comment  saying your suggestion

Well, in other news, the iceberg misteriously vanished from the beacon telescope, there have been thoughts of global warming melting it but i am not a big believer of this global warming crap


21 Responses to “Do I need a new penguin look?”

  1. ya u need a new look http://banditbud777.wordpress.com

  2. Yeah you do! 😯

  3. uummm well youre look is good but it can be better.

  4. holy crap i posted this like ten minutes ago and already 3 comments, 😯 oh wait, counting mine, 4

  5. ya you do a huge change!

  6. well it is getting old maybe i know you like the party hat but if you change the hat it would look better

  7. hey R2Dp you gonna stay up till 12:00 cause thats when new wig catalog,new clothing catalog,and new pin come out WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    im already there partying and triying to reach 200 words in this comment common,well cya!

    P.S: just kidding lol
    P.SSS:lol rofl lmao lmfao
    P.SSSSS: lets start a little story of a stickman
    once upon a time a little stick found a silver box
    and opened it and found a red button and it said *do not press*so he took it home and pasted it on his gamesite and it was a talking button and it said:Hey,i’m a red button OW!!!!! you clicked me do it again see wat happens so i click it and it says try to find my now loser and there was 100 red buttons but i had a find that was hard as finding a needle in a haystack the n it said’wat if i said the world would blow up if u click this again so i did and it was like see u would have died right there and it said click me now loser and i found the right one there was 1000 of them and it said S@#$

    Drive*longest post on the site ever*
    P.S still not done. just kidding


  8. you need to have a new look thats cool

  9. Oh, I got it *A Penguin* No wait even better! A Macaroni Penguin all you do is where the blonde wig and be the color black!

  10. dude your outfits ok but if u want to make it better take the rocker aprch do i have anough lether? do i need another bottle of gel in my hair is there enough black and red? lol it sounds stupid but i do that and people invite me to be buds because i look cool !!!!!!!!

  11. U rly need a change… uve been in tht since lyk october… but its a cool outfit

  12. i think u might need a new outfit r2dp, oh ya i believe in global warming, but i dont believe global warming destroyed the crappy iceberg!!!

  13. Ps. the chunk of ice may have been a sign of 2 things…

    the REAL iceberg melting due to “Global warming” (im not a believer either)
    OR (ill sound like a newb on this one) the iceberg is slowly losing ice due to ppl trying to tip… maybe the creators want it to tip WHO KNOWS?

  14. LOL srry for another post but maybe when rockhopper is coming he will crash into the ice (it may come back) and stay longer for repairs (like a while back)

  15. lol he better watch out. Maybe he is gonna crash and we gotta save em 😆 sounds stupid but maybe

  16. i havent commented this site for a long time
    change your look
    In the telescope the iceberg is not there anymore

  17. u callin my posts crap? well if you are then… i dont giva crap cuz my posts are crap so you go ahead and say its crapand ill support u. me and my friend tyler came up with this wierd thing its so funny when you say it in kelly (the girl from the video shoes on youtube.com) voice.
    ok here it is: YES! NO! 3 TIMES!
    well ya so bye
    over and out!
    R2DP: never said your posts are crap

  18. Hi R2DP. I don’t know if u’ve heard but ACP and UMA r in WWIV, and ACP needs help. We’re getting close victories. But we need back-up. RPF is going to decide, which doesn’t help the sitaution. So if u get this message, edit my comment. And I’ll check back later.
    P.S. If u decide to help, go to Mammoth and clear UMA soliders out of the Dojo.
    Ctar out

  19. Can you please POST THE FREAKIN’ CATALOGUE SECRETS AND NEW PIN!!!! 😡 :mrgreen:

    Sorry lost my FREAKIN’ temper….

    ~ 8) Grãtlòfåtîç 8) ~

  20. if your already a member i can get you $1000,000 just e-mail me your user name and your password to uaangle@yahoo.com and i will give you $1000,000

    and a cool look

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