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Wii friend code???

Well i got a wii for xmas and people are asking in comments whats my wii friend code, could anyone tell me where i can find my code? And also tell me if the code is safe to post on this site.


14 Responses to “Wii friend code???”

  1. well, first off, with ur friend code on other peoples wii’s your miis that have the “mingle” setting on them will duplicate and go to another wii(note you will still have the mii that goes to the other wii). once someone give you their friend code and you get theirs, you can send messages and pics to them. lastly, to GET to the friend code, stay on the main menu for the wii(its also called the wii menu).then you go click on an icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the menu that looks like an envelope. that’s your message board. once there scroll over an icon that says “create a message” and click on it. then it will show 3 options. click on the one to the VERY right. there you can put peoples friend codes there and find yours. and about it being safe, you should probably email it to people only because if you put it on your site, stalkers could try hacking your wii through the friend code and stuff(so im saying its not)

  2. ya i was about to right what sirjorgebo said lol


  3. Adding to sjb, you need a wireless internet connection hooked up to your house and your wii to use it. me and my dad could do that for you if you want to use friend codes

  4. exactly what tbullet said……………….thats basically the only thing i forgot

  5. Actually we might be coming over on sunday for lunch so we might hook that up for you but im not 100% sure.

  6. dude, its 100% safe if u do wat SJB said bout e mail… if someone adds you and you dont add them… NOTHING , ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS. (just thought id addd that in) LOL

    its like 2% if it on ur site(HaCkErS SuCk)

  7. Dude, his Wii crap takes about a year to get used to… I got mine a year ago and I got it all worked out! :mrgreen: Do what sirjorgebocp says and good luck! :mrgreen:

    ~ 8) Grãtlòfåtîç 8) ~

  8. question: WHICH wii crap? i have TONS of wii crap and i use it often….im used to the wii

  9. By Wii crap I mean all this programing and stuff ON the Wii… P.S. I’m used to the Wii too

    ~ 8) Grãtlòfåtîç 8) ~

  10. well im pengu 630 and im going to the nccp meeting

  11. oh i gots a wii to arent they awesome give me an email saying your friend code my email is farteatsleep@yahoo.com and i give you a message on the wii saying my friend code

  12. yeah……..the programming SUCKS


  14. I LOVE MY WII!!!!!!!!! Lol im not posting my f code… but do what sir jorge bo said to do… k bye

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