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Party over and cyclone

I’m sorry it ended so quickly i wasnt really feeling like partying. I might reshedule, i got a ton of pics that i might post later, paintboy100 is taking like forever to decide what to do with his site, he said hed post in 3 days but it has been 5. and the last thing is I won the administrator contest on cyclone99’s blog! and tomorrow morning i am leaving to go to my grandma’s house in iowa so ill have to stay up till 10:00 PST for the party so, if anyone wants to come, I’ll be wandering around the server rocky road

OK! I am going to post the pics now,

1. my igloo, Present time!

2.Dock: Speedboat!

3. dojo!: Smile for the camera!

4: iceberg:tip party! (note: I know it cant tip we were just having fun)

5.mine: super slide!

6.night club: just dancin

7.stage: something not wrong with this picture….hmmm wonder what…..

8.coffee shop: coffee maniacs!

9. Dance club: Persuading the green puffle to come down 😆

10. Stage: walk on the wall!

11. Stage: fishing

12. pizza parlor


39 Responses to “Party over and cyclone”

  1. In MY time zone, 10:00 PST would be 1:00 AM!!!


  2. congrats on winning the contest! 😉

    dancee itt upp

  3. congrats dude, o ya could u add my site to ur blogroll? http://sirjorgebocp.wordpress.com
    o ya……if u wanna join my site just ask…it sucks though

  4. Can you PLEASE put the pictures on!


  5. hey i was @ that party for ten minets! but i had 2 leave 😦

  6. that party was alot of fun! I hope you do another party

  7. Ahhh! good times! 😀 😆

  8. u said something not wrong with this picture….hmmm wonder what….. i think u mean right

  9. Darn,I missed it 😥

  10. Yeah… it was good… I am not trying to rub it in and it wasn’t … well yeah it was the best party i’ve EVER been to… oh wait… I am rubbing it in… 😐 :mrgreen:

  11. It’s ok :mrgreen:

  12. You are very forgiving 🙂

  13. Well yeah 😀

  14. Well not to the last comment you posted but I said that to the :confused: and up ones or should I say twos 😀

  15. R u on Cp right now?

  16. wat server im on rocky road an my name is vvo45

  17. Okay I will meet you there

    What place?

  18. my igloo

  19. Lolz. We’re having conversations on R2dpenguins blog! 😀 :mrgreen:

  20. 😆

  21. Everybody’s commetss on the recent comments thing are gone because of us. :mrgreen:

  22. SOOOOOOO sorry I missed it it looked cool! and congrats dude.

  23. LOLZ!!! YOU’RE RIGHT!!! 😀

  24. Did you delete me from your buddy list because I don’t see u.

  25. Oh THIS again. Okay this is what happend. Club Penguin is having problems with the buddy lists so I AM your friend but it doesn’t show…


  26. Oh Ok 😆

  27. What’s you blog cpfanatic3?

  28. Can you talk about me on your blog cpfanatic3?

  29. Where? mayb you can be i one of the pics :I

  30. Well say this: I want to talk about my friend Gratlofatic. He always go on the server Mamoth on the map even though he is Canadian. He wears all red and his first item was the blue party hat.

    Say that :mrgreen:


  31. Well I might need to get a pic, i’ll take it of the indoo forest fire 😆

  32. Some of these pics. are funny!

  33. I met this 1 person (just to show that the n00bs are invading) and she asked “How do you do that dance” so I went up to her and I said “You’re a n00b” and she responded “What’s a n00b”

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG n00b n00b n00b! 😀 😆


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