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Laughs…By: The Joker

Pink mafias:BACK!

Pink Mafias is BACK! go to http://pinkmafias.wordpress.com it says hes back with a friend! his accounts are

Lectriclew And Uma Pm

I found him on meebo! heres what he said

cpfanatic: hey
cpfanatic: Pink?
cpfanatic: yo?
Pink Mafias and Lectriclew: hi
cpfanatic: This is r2dpenguin66 from https://cpfanatic.wordpress.com
cpfanatic: so you are back to cp?
Pink Mafias and Lectriclew: yes
cpfanatic: sweet
cpfanatic: would you mind going on rocky road cove to be my buddy?
Pink Mafias and Lectriclew is away: g2g sorry fans


2 Responses to “Pink mafias:BACK!”

  1. Im already buddies with UMA PM i talked him into meeting at the dojo a few months ago

  2. >:-) :-}

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