Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


paintboy has quit club penguin and he might sell his blog! i hope he deletes it so it wont be at the top of google. or at least have a GOOD blogger buy it.


15 Responses to “Paintboy”

  1. dude im the real sir jorge bo. i made my own site, so check out http://sirjorgebocp.wordpress.com

    o ya how do u upload themes? cuz i downloaded 1 and i wanna know where to upload it on my site


    😥 I am SO happy!


  3. check out my new header at http://www.banditbud777.wordpress.com

  4. im so happy he finnaly quit

  5. nvm i got my theme


  7. i lied and sed i was a huge fan and if he could give me blog =P fame!

  8. mine is http://www.gumballyum.wordpress.com omg he quit? is that why he hasnt been posting?

  9. haha i bet his mom told him he was too old to play cp and he started crying and begging her to not take his membership away but she just screamed IN YOUR INDO and ran off

  10. that stupid wannabe loser is gone woohoo!!

  11. Think about it. He might not!!! 😦 Crapeth


  12. Why does everyone hate Paintboy?

  13. Actually it will stay on the search engines but nobody can go onto it.

  14. I saw Vital Viper yesterday (December 21st)


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