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Laughs…By: The Joker

Comment wars II

(I made this VERY VERY long post because i am soo bored to death right now) Here we go again. First i was fighting with grey vegas that was comment wars 1. : ) and I are in a little fight heres how it went.

1. this is how it started, first, there was contest to be a member of my site (that i cancelled)

R2DP: Sorry I’m not doing it a third time. I didn’t pick my favorites. Just the people that I trust and have known for a long time. I know a lot of you others I know and trust, but I decided to just pick someone and if your going to be an idiot about then fine whatever. Oh and how am I even supposed to know who u are in cp if you just put a smiley? then I wouldn’t even be able to announce who won if you did.

and I guess that might’ve made her mad because ever since that these are the comments she left and i responded to

: ) : hmm cool… *coughs pathetic*

: ) :Wow chillax. If you were in my school you would be such a nerd! No offence.
R2DP:are you still mad about not winning the chance to be on my site? let it GO….

: ) :

ok look…

Wow chillax. If you were in my school you would be such a nerd! No offence.
R2DP:are you still mad about not winning the chance to be on my site? let it GO….

That was my comment. K my boy friend saw this and he was like so mad he said if you insulted me again he would beat you up. Trust me, He has a 6 pack. And any way why would i care about being on your stupid site?
R2DP: Well, one thing your boyfriend doesnt even know where I live. (that means even if he does have a six pack he cant do anything!) 2.I didn’t exactly insult you, you insulted me. and on the post where i was saying the winner of the raffle (which i canceled because of you and other complaints) you were screaming UNFAIR! REDO! and ever since that youve been leaving comments like “thats pathetic” and stuff. Sorry if you think this is insulting, no offence. I dont know why im making this response so long, oh well, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Jim (seems to be her little brother) : Wow, dude be nicer to that girl. Please? You did insult her and ya just say sorry please?

: ) :

OK, if you were 16, I’d think maybe you wouldn’t spaz out so much (no offence) and probobaly wouldn’t play cp unless you were appliying to be a moderator when you turn 18 and the comment below, im not stupid thats you it has the same matching IP address. im sorry again, i dont feel like starting another fight

: ) : No that was my 7 year old brother, (the other comment ) and any who i dont play club penguin, my younger sister does but she is (please dont laugh this is toataly true) paralized in her right arm so i have to type and stuff for her. Ya, to top it off my parent just got a divorce yesterday so please, let me be.

And i guess if that is true, im sorry but just to make this straight, I didnt insult you! you insulted me, you called me a nerd.


18 Responses to “Comment wars II”

  1. i guess this is why its called comment wars…

  2. did you pick me haha

    lol icebox10

  3. dude!you should just instant-block that:) dude from ur site so he cant comment again

  4. oh ya the coins for change…….the donation places are the plaza and the beach, each one comes with a free item(they both have a bell) and once u donate coins u get a donation thank you card

  5. heyy r2dp http://youtube.com/watch?v=X9p3OcVw0Vk
    check that vid out its me in action playin catchin waves scoring massive coins!

  6. lol
    p.s im on my cousins pot ting!!

  7. jeeeeez wut a liar! i woulda just started cussing at them until they shut up and start gaaining up on their mom.

    § Lildestroy forever! §

  8. i guess just don’t belive me…your problem…ya you gotta good life… more news but you wont belive me…my sister gots cancer…i found out today…
    R2DP: I never said i didn’t believe you

  9. dont believe that crap r2dp

  10. Dont believe anythin dat smiley face guy says, INSTANT BLOCK HIM!

  11. I agree with Sir Jorge Bo

  12. : ) is a nerd. no offence : )

  13. Oh, please belive me. Don’t instant block me.

  14. …. Wow i havent been on this site for AGES!

  15. This screw is a ratchet wheel screw. ,

  16. Massage is another proven antidote to stress. ,

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