Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

New emotes!

there are new emotes! i think cp took our idea of the lightbulb one!

new emotes!


3 Responses to “New emotes!”

  1. Wow! This ROX! Even though they came late they still look kewl! My favourite is the cake!


  2. Here’s a little help:

    E,Q = Strawberry icecream, E,W = Chocolate icecream, E,T = Farting noise, E,I = Igloo, E,O = Popcorn, E,P = Blue puffle, E,D = Sun, E,F = Flower, E,G = Joy stick, E,H = Confused face, E,K = Cake, E,L = Four leaf clover, E,Z = Pizza, E,C = Coffee, E,B = light bulb, E,N = Moon and last but not least – E,M = Money!



  3. hey r2 they brought puffle names bak to the system must of been down or sumthing

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