Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


OK cp has a serious problem with buddy lists I accepted a lot of buddy requests at the party today but they vanished! everyone that i added got unadded without me taking them off 😦 I dont know what to do.


16 Responses to “Drat!”

  1. Remember me? I was at the party and you accepted me. I want to meet you again but remember: my name is Gratlofatic. I emailed CP abou the buddy list and I will tell you when they respond.

  2. That party was great! 😀

  3. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    Smiley faces are so cute!

  4. Sorry, that last post was really random…. but I wanna meet you sometime…. I dunno where…. well…. I know at Rockey Road but what day, time, and the place IN CP we can meet. I know you but I dunno if you’ve totally memorized who I am but I am GRATLOFATIC 🙂 😉


  5. Sorry for ALL these comments but if I say “Ciao”
    it means hello AND bye in Italien…

  6. I will be quiet now

  7. log in then accecpt buddy, log out, login its easy (it happened to me)

  8. Sorry, does not compute


  10. happened to me….glitched….all the time i dress different, and on my player card on my login screen always has the new outfit on but wen i go on its tha 1 i had b4 it

  11. That happend to me too!

    Okay, this is getting outta hand. 😡 I FINALLY MET R2DPENGUIN AND NOW (Thanks to Club Penguins CRAPPY BUG SITUATION) HE CAN’T EVEN BE MY BUDDY!!!11 😡 😡 i AM MAD

  12. Am I still on ur buddies since I’ve been ur buddie for like 10000000000 years??

  13. The buddy thing is fixed! 🙂


  14. hey, i couldn’t come to da prty. frammit. i went downtown with some frends after skool and we got dinner. then my family got an xmas tree.

    ima go duct tape my sneaks 🙂 -squd

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