Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Party over and Christmas catalog!

well I guess this was kinda short. I have to go soon. so I’ll probobaly be back in a couple hours and well do more partying then. so go on rocky road cove again at about arouns 6:00 or 6:30 PST I was having so much fun i forgot to take pics for you guys. I was being MAJORLY crouded at the beginning then it got smaller and smaller…

OK for the catalog, its seems now every month the red guitar, swim goggles, and viking helmet are in every month’s catalog! ok here are the secrets

On the LAST page of the clearance pages, click CLEARANCE! to get some goggles


The viking helmet is on the snow flake NEXT TO THE BLUE SWEATER open and close this secret 4 times to reveal the blue one

viking helmet

The last secret (Paintboy didnt find this!) The red guitar

red guitar

Club penguin added Disney’s logo to their’s.


And last, the trusty pin. Its a holly thingy. In the coffee placeEeEeE



6 Responses to “Party over and Christmas catalog!”

  1. u spelled around wrong its spelled a-r-o-u-n-d

  2. who cares sjb?

  3. Even I make spelling mistakes!


  4. Are you accepting the fact that Disney – the most worst thing ever – is TOTALLY taking over Club Penguin?

    I am on the “I Don’t Like Disney” side…. How ’bout you?

  5. I no club penguin is the most gullible website i have ever seen. I bet that part of the deal was “We will keep your promise not to advertise.that blog is old , but now there’s a commercial.

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